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fearWE SPENT THE LAST SIX MONTHS focusing on, and often dreading, the outcome of the US presidential election.

There really was no reason to be paralyzed, but it seems that’s where a lot of business owners went to.

So it’s time reflect.  In business, stuff constantly changes.  New competitors come on the scene.  Technology advances.  Regulations shift.

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WE JUST SURVIVED the most contentious election cycle in my lifetime.

There’s a lot of people who feel injured right now.  But our strength as a country is being able to pull together for the good of the nation after each election.

What we’re seeing is directly applicable to running a company.

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chatterWE ALL HAVE THIS CHATTER going on in our minds all the time.  It’s part of being human.

But not always useful.

The problem is that it’s constantly influencing your attitude and those around you.  It can destroy your effectiveness as a leader.

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Here’s the simple truth of the matter.  You can’t beat people into being productive, at least not for long.

People put their passion and energy into what they care about, not what their boss cares about.

Sounds hopeless?  Well, there’s a solution.

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buckstopsherefrontsmallYOUR PURPOSE AND VALUES drive everything you do.  Fantastic!

But what drives it over time?  What keeps you from getting distracted by the pressures of the day and communication difficulties?

What often happens is that only one person is truly accountable to the vision: The founder.  But is that person involved in every decision and discussion?  Not if you’ve grown to any size.

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graphThis quote has been attributed to a lot of people, so maybe its origin is lost in the mists of time.

No matter.  What’s important is that it contains a grain of truth.

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TOMORROW IS OUR Independence Day celebration in the USA.  Many people will be taking the day off, and planning a summer holiday for the family.

Here’s the thing about our government:  We always have plenty to complain and worry about.  When they do stuff, we resist change.  When they don’t do stuff, we complain that they’re gridlocked.

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Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus have been on a journey they call “Minimalism.”  It’s about designing a life which is not based on consumerism, but on what’s really necessary in life.

I had the chance this week to view the great documentary they’ve produced.  It’s quite thought-provoking.

It got me thinking about the fact that we’ve built up business approaches which are also based on using way more resources than necessary.  The question for me is: Is there such a thing as a minimalist business?

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money-finance-bills-bank-notesWE SEEM TO MEASURE EVERYTHING in terms of money.

And that’s useful, for sure.  It gives us an easy way to compare value, to exchange value, and to measure things.

Too easy.

We have to be conscious that money is not the value itself.

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Sales wizardTHE GREAT DISCUSSION this week with Hugh Liddle and Jim Hamlin started some new momentum.  I’m glad we could  broadcast it to a worldwide audience.

For a Values Based Business, the concepts are simple but not easy to implement.

  1. Get clear on your mission/purpose/values
  2. Articulate why those deliver value for a customer
  3. Integrate those messages into your sales and marketing

Let me expand on that just a bit.
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