THE PURPOSE of this blog is to help people who are building companies with a strong foundation of deep values.

By “deep values” I mean things which go far beyond just delivering products and services and making money.

Not that those are bad things.

But I constantly run into people who realize that this is just a means to an end – at least for them.

If you’re a non-profit, then people expect you to have altruistic values.  You’re serving the poor, you’re creating a better world, you’re supporting opportunity.  But you’re “allowed” to have these higher goals because you’re a non-profit.  Then, the thinking goes, you don’t have to worry about the money side.

Never mind that making a sustainable non-profit is hard, hard work.  You DO have to worry about the money.

But in our culture, we associate a for-profit business with profit being the only goal.  If it can’t be measured in dollars on the bottom line, then it’s unimportant.  This view is reinforced by the high visibility of public companies, where it’s all about monetary return to shareholders.  If the corporate officers don’t maximize that return, then they’re booted out.  Perhaps even taken to court.

In the world of small business, I find a lot of focus on higher goals.  In that case, products and revenue are just a means to achieving a more important end.  Profit is important because it indicates sustainability of the business, but it isn’t the primary goal.

In this blog, I’ll bring you profiles of actual businesses which are making this happen.  And I’ll spend some time addressing how you can make it work in your business.  If you’d like to talk to a business coach about making this happen in your company, drop me a line.

YOU MIGHT SEE that some of the posts have a cross underlying the drop-cap at the beginning.  This is a subtle sign that I’m going to mention some Christian content.  If you don’t care for that, feel free to skip the entry.

I myself am a practicing Christian, and I’ve been exploring how I combine my own deeper values with what I do in my coaching business.  This blog is an example of helping people discuss their religious and spiritual values in the context of business.

But I’m broadening the discussion beyond just religious values, because I’m constantly finding people who have other deep values.  If you’re learning anything from this, please comment on the blog posts you find interesting.