Sales wizardTHE GREAT DISCUSSION this week with Hugh Liddle and Jim Hamlin started some new momentum.  I’m glad we could  broadcast it to a worldwide audience.

For a Values Based Business, the concepts are simple but not easy to implement.

  1. Get clear on your mission/purpose/values
  2. Articulate why those deliver value for a customer
  3. Integrate those messages into your sales and marketing

Let me expand on that just a bit.


When you have a purpose-driven or values-based organization, you must be able to capture that unique part of your thinking.  Otherwise, you’re going to missing a huge part of what makes this company powerful.

The challenge is to use words, images and phrases which really resonate with people.  Run away from “management speak” and simplify, simplify, simplify.  You’ll know you’re getting close when even entry employees can tell you what it is – but perhaps not using the exact same words.  In fact, I’d propose that using their own words is a GOOD thing, because that means they’re thinking and internalizing.  As long as it’s close enough.


It’s one thing to have your boardroom discussions about mission, but entirely different to say why it matters to an employee or customer.  But since we’re talking about values-based selling here, let’s focus on the customer.  Here’s an example:

  • Our mission is to help underprivileged people in the community.
  • We do that by giving them jobs and supporting things like job banks and homeless shelters.
  • Our customers care because this is about the quality of THEIR community too.
  • Everyone knows someone who has lost their house or lost their job and is struggling to get by.
  • So when a customer buys our product, we need to show them that 15% of every dollar will make life better in our town.

You can see how this now attracts the right customers, and can accelerate their purchase process.  But it’s also very unique to the business – you have to be able to honestly back up each and every statement.  Otherwise your reputation will be quickly destroyed.


It’s not just a matter of writing copy to put in your brochure and on the website.  Sure, you’ll do that, but it’s not terribly compelling.  Here are other pieces of powerful integration:

  • Sponsor organizations and events which align with your mission.
  • Train your sales folks in how to communicate these messages, and how that’s different than the “normal” sales conversation.
  • Do your sales prospect targeting people who might naturally align with your values.  This is typically quite hard to do, but will make your sales process MUCH more effective.
  • Design EVERY sales touchpoint, including your leadership, your customer support team and indirect marketing paths.

Remember that sales and marketing tightly support each other, and inconsistencies can be devastating.  Be thorough, focused, and persistent.

listen-to-the-sales-chalk-talk-showIf you want to work on how you’re using your purpose and values as part of your sales process, check the audio recording out here!

And if you’d like to talk with me about your values-based marketing and sales, I’d be honored to extend to you a Business Strategy Session and waive the cost.  Just mention this recording.