fearWE SPENT THE LAST SIX MONTHS focusing on, and often dreading, the outcome of the US presidential election.

There really was no reason to be paralyzed, but it seems that’s where a lot of business owners went to.

So it’s time reflect.  In business, stuff constantly changes.  New competitors come on the scene.  Technology advances.  Regulations shift.

But we tend to place a lot more importance on an election than it really warrants.  Even if a new administration has a different philosophy than the previous, government regulations don’t shift that fast.  Relationships between countries take a long time to change.

We should be relatively good at dealing in an environment of risk and uncertainty, because that’s what we do every day.  Right?  We take a chance, act like we know what we’re doing, and move forward.

In this particular year, there’s still a lot of unanswered questions even after the election.  But you can put yourself at a competitive advantage by making your decisions and moving forward.  Even if you guess wrong, there’s a decent chance that you’ll still be ahead because you started moving.  Your organization is more agile, better able to make decisions and take action.

And realize that most of what’s important to your industry is not what the government does.  It’s your customers, partners, and competitors.  When you focus on them, your success will be more enduring.