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The real world never lines up the way you’d like it to. There are always imperfections.

Of course, this is incredibly frustrating – even if you don’t think of yourself as a perfectionist.

This comes to mind because I’m currently working on a yearly budget. And I don’t dream in spreadsheets.

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Sometimes I find it hard to see a positive future. Perhaps you also have days where it feels like you’re stuck in problems and drudgework.

I’ve found that it’s really much more about my own attitude than what’s happening outside me. I’m the one who’s stressing myself out.

I suppose this might happen to you as well?

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Sometimes opportunities just pop up out of nowhere!

I’ve been teaching a class recently which talks about the idea of being open to opportunities.

“Luck favors the prepared mind.”

Louis Pasteur

I have to confess that I don’t favor using the word “luck” in this context, because it feels too random and out of control. The fact is that opportunities happen all the time, but most of the time we’re not prepared to do anything about them.

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I’ve had several opportunities open up recently, all while I’m trying to make sure I don’t get over-obligated by signing up for too much. It’s a common problem for many of us these days – we’re all so busy and distracted.

But there’s a way through these kinds of decisions, based on my goals and my values. Some things align, and others don’t.

Of course I also look at the long term implications of what I say yes to. Some things are simple, and don’t require an ongoing obligation or a lot of effort. I can say yes if I have some time and it looks like it aligns.

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I heard the recent report of a Nepali team reaching the summit of K2, the world’s second highest peak, during winter. A magnificent achievement of incredible difficulty!

But, of course, the lurking question is: Why bother?

“Because it’s there”

— George Mallory, 1924, on summiting Everest

Not everything can be measured in quantifiable terms.

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Beware the barrenness of a busy life — Socrates

Do you struggle with this? I know I do.

I was talking with my coach about this the other day, because I’m in a phase where I’m doing lots of stuff, but not convinced that I’m getting to the important stuff.

The Socrates quote gives me some comfort that this isn’t a new phenomenon, but it also doesn’t fix my problem.

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Nothing seems to be clearly black and white anymore. Everything mushes into a vague shade of gray.

It doesn’t have to be that way, though. You can make things more clear – especially for the team you work with.

It’s about building on what IS clear.

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We all want the turmoil to end. Unfortunately, there’s a whole lot which we don’t control right now.

A whole lot that NOBODY controls.

We’re searching for the “return to normal,” or perhaps the “new normal.” Which is fine, but it can be a bit of an illusion.

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Get Coached Podcast with Chris Ippolito
Play the podcast here!

I had the opportunity recently to have a great conversation with Chris Ippolito on his podcast. Chris is interviewing a wide variety of coaches, spreading the word about the amazing positive impact that this profession is having in the world!

Check it out here.

We all struggle with the idea of when to change and how much. And when you’re leading a team of people, everything you do is magnified in impact – both positive and negative.

But there’s a key which helps give you some direction.

Know your foundation.

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