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Sales wizardTHIS WEEK I HAD THE OPPORTUNITY to broadcast a wonderful discussion with my favorite sales wizards Hugh Liddle and Jim Hamlin.  They’re doing wonderful stuff to bring honest, effective and non-sleazy selling into the world.

We explored the subject of values-based selling, obviously near and dear to my heart.  When you’re in a business where your mission is an important part of your message, it takes special skills to incorporate that into selling.

Especially because most prospects have their guard up these days.  At the first sniff of something that’s dishonest or inauthentic, you’ve lost them.  Forever. Read the rest of this entry »

Snowman_New_Year_cardMOST PEOPLE I’M TALKING WITH are positive about the outlook for 2016.

Personally, my 2015 was transformative, and I’m incredibly excited about the new projects I’m working on right now.  I’ll be talking about that here on the blog real soon.

It’s a bit surprising, actually, the optimism that I’m seeing.  Read the rest of this entry »

new yearIF YOU THINK ABOUT IT, there’s nothing special about the beginning of a new year.

Yet it’s amazing how much importance we place on this event.  Especially when you realize that there’s different calendars, with all kinds of various starting dates.

But here we are.

The importance of a new year is what we choose to place on it.  Read the rest of this entry »

Ricardo-Semler-263x263RICARDO SEMLER created a company named SEMCO back in 1980, and has continued his amazing work since then.

Check out the video below, where you’ll hear about what SEMCO did to redesign its company with an absolute minimum of rules and obstacles.

No stable job roles.

No defined work hours, days, locations.

Freely open information sharing.

It’s stunning, because it breaks every convention we have about what a business is supposed to look like.  Read the rest of this entry »

Becky GarciaMASSAGE THERAPY is an interesting field.  Despite having been around for many decades (and in the East, centuries), it’s still breaking into peoples’ awareness.

Yet it’s such a powerful addition to creating a healthy life.

I’ve been talking with Becky Garcia, who heads up Garden of Healing Massage Therapy here in Windsor.  And I’ve had a chance to peek behind the scenes of the creation of her heart-centered service.

Read the rest of this entry »

consious-businessBUSINESS IS TO MAKE MONEY.


Well, I was honored to be a member of a panel discussion this week with Amy Ross about Conscious Capitalism.  The question came up:  What is the purpose of business, if not to make money?

Because that seems to be the universal assumption of our economy and culture.

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scale-307966_640YOU WANT TO BE AWESOME at everything. I get that.

The problem is that the real world gets in the way!

Here’s an example:  You want to attract awesome, talented employees.  But your business plan also says you’re very tight on expenses.

Which means you probably can’t pay people what they’re worth.  Perhaps you’ll save money on hiring less-than-top-notch people, then spend a bundle training them up.

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Liz RyanLIZ RYAN runs a consultancy named Human Workplace.  They have a whole bunch of fresh and powerful thinking about seeking employment in the job market.

One of her primary messages is around self-respect and empowerment on the job seeker’s part, so I really love her thoughtful blog posts.  And her illustrations too!

She really understands the mindset of Millennials and other fresh thinkers.

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HOW HARD IS IT to find great workers?

I’m hearing this complaint a lot this year, and it’s been steadily growing over the course of 2015.  With a local unemployment rate at 3.8%, the tide has definitely shifted in favor of job seekers.

Just notice all the “Now Hiring” signs as you drive around town.

But this is a challenging time for employers.  It’s harder to find great people, engage them in their work, and keep them productive over the long term.

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THIS WEEKEND IS the celebration of Independence Day in the US.  A patriotic, celebratory, but thoughtful time.

When I was a kid, I got the impression that our country was created in the late 18th century and has been running on automatic ever since.

Boy, was I wrong!

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