TOMORROW IS OUR Independence Day celebration in the USA.  Many people will be taking the day off, and planning a summer holiday for the family.

Here’s the thing about our government:  We always have plenty to complain and worry about.  When they do stuff, we resist change.  When they don’t do stuff, we complain that they’re gridlocked.

But let’s take a moment to realize what an asset our government is to our success in business:

  • We’ve had the same form of government for 240 years now.
  • We’ve never had a dictator.
  • The government sets rules for operating a business, and they change slowly – which gives us the ability to plan.
  • Our rate of taxation is less than many other countries.
  • Our regulators actively work to control inflation and to keep our currency highly valued.
  • Customers can count on a certain amount of product safety because of all the regulations.
  • People can count on the rule of law to keep most offenders in line.

I could go on and on, but you get the idea.

Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.” — Winston S. Churchill

Let’s take a moment to be grateful that our system actually works as well as it does.  It’s far from perfect, and there’s plenty of annoyances.

But still, it ain’t that bad!