Becky GarciaMASSAGE THERAPY is an interesting field.  Despite having been around for many decades (and in the East, centuries), it’s still breaking into peoples’ awareness.

Yet it’s such a powerful addition to creating a healthy life.

I’ve been talking with Becky Garcia, who heads up Garden of Healing Massage Therapy here in Windsor.  And I’ve had a chance to peek behind the scenes of the creation of her heart-centered service.

She looks too young, but she’s actually been a therapist for over ten years.  She’s been specializing in moms with young families who get stressed and frazzled with the many demands on their attention and time.

There’s plenty of need, for sure.  Especially in a vibrant and growing community.

Garden of HealingWhen I first experienced massage a couple of years ago, I thought it was just about relaxation.  Maybe getting my muscles to work a bit better.

But it’s amazing what other kinds of issues can be addressed.  Sciatica, headaches, stress, sleeping issues, … on and on.  We have to remember that this is a field which has been continually developed and refined for over two thousand years.  By people who didn’t want to fix things by just throwing medications at the problem.

As a business proposition, this field is pretty crowded.  I’m running into massage therapists all the time in networking meetings and such.  So how is Becky building her unique and powerful practice?  Here are some of the elements.

First, she has a range of products and techniques that she offers.  Swedish massage, deep tissue, hot stones, lymphatic massage, and more – so she can give the best treatment for each person and issue.  She customizes blends of essential oils and includes aromatherapy with each massage, to create a special experience for her clients.  She’s offering a range of useful advice on her great Facebook page.

Second, she developed this niche around harried mothers, which is quite interesting for a certain segment of customers.  She’s not exclusive to that area, though; she offers discounts for seniors, students, teachers, even military and firefighters.  Because it’s the right thing to do.

Most powerfully, she’s worked hard on engaging repeat clients through multiple-visit packages and rewards for loyalty.  We even talked about referral bonuses – a tricky but incredibly powerful asset for a new business.

I was quite impressed that she’s gone in with several other businesses inside Studio 601, named for the Main Street address in Windsor.  With a diversity of services in a small friendly location, there’s a great opportunity to increase awareness for her offerings.  It’s a great way to build awareness and natural referrals.

This all is built on Becky’s foundation of bringing her passion and skills to help people in the community, while maintaining a balance of life for her family.  And make no mistake, she’s serious about wanting this to work and devoting her life to making a difference in peoples’ health.