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RECENTLY I HAD A GREAT DISCUSSION with a local service club about Conscious Capitalism. One of the members remarked that he’s heard about companies wanting to “do good” for decades. So what does Conscious Capitalism – and similar kinds of thinking – bring to the discussion?

This is a fabulous question! Because, in fact, some companies have engaged in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and other kinds of philanthropy for a long time.

What’s new is how this is growing and accelerating. First, because people have been developing some core competencies and given us a language.

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consious-businessBUSINESS IS TO MAKE MONEY.


Well, I was honored to be a member of a panel discussion this week with Amy Ross about Conscious Capitalism.  The question came up:  What is the purpose of business, if not to make money?

Because that seems to be the universal assumption of our economy and culture.

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