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MESH FORT COLLINS is a great new community for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs in the region.  You might know that it took over the space formerly occupied by Galvanize at 242 Linden Street.

Mesh is an expansion of an idea that’s seen success in Japan as Future Venture Capital Ltd.  FVC Americas was established last year to become the hub in northern Colorado for startups with great potential.

I’ve been following the local startup scene for several years, so it’s exciting to hear that Mesh is not just serving the high tech market.  They’re helping businesses in all industries, even those who aren’t getting all the press these days.

After all, there are great new companies in all corners of the economy.

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JESSICA VERDERAME IS ABOUT HELPING KIDS, primarily supporting their success in school.

She started out in New York as a substitute teacher, supplementing her income as a tutor with a local franchise of Club Z! In-Home Tutoring Services.

That’s how she got hooked.

She ended up here in Fort Collins as an Elementary teacher and specialist in literacy with the local school district, and decided to invest in a Club Z! franchise herself.

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cvdl_logo_118x188THE CENTER FOR VALUES-DRIVEN LEADERSHIP has just opened up for applications for the next cohort of their PhD/DBA program.

You might remember that I talked about this program earlier this year when I had a chance to meet the leaders.  It’s exciting because it’s customized specifically for senior executives who are designing their companies around solid, powerful values.

So check out the executive doctoral program in values-driven leadership and apply by November 1 2016.

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cvdl doctorate videoTHIS WEEK I DISCOVERED an exciting new program offered by Benedictine University near Chicago: their Doctoral Program in Values Driven Leadership for Senior Executives.

This is an amazing development.

This is a mature, well-thought-through program for those who are truly serious about leading businesses with deeper values – the same values I talk about here on this blog.

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Ricardo-Semler-263x263RICARDO SEMLER created a company named SEMCO back in 1980, and has continued his amazing work since then.

Check out the video below, where you’ll hear about what SEMCO did to redesign its company with an absolute minimum of rules and obstacles.

No stable job roles.

No defined work hours, days, locations.

Freely open information sharing.

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MICHAEL BROWNMichael Brown has been a passionate educator and pastor for 30 years, and joined Tutor Doctor in 2011 to help make this his full time business.  Quite simply, he’s improving the lives of students and families through success in education.

And, by the way, he’s also helping to change the face of education in America.

Looking for the next step in his business career a couple of years ago, he teamed up with his wife Sandi and partner Blake, and evaluated a range of options.  They were intrigued with franchises of various kinds, and then discovered the field of education and tutoring.  Read the rest of this entry »

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