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The solar industry is growing, and rapidly. I’ve watched as the economics have shifted over the last couple of decades, and we’re now to the point where it can totally make sense to outfit your house or business with solar.

Ian Skor

That’s why I was excited to speak with Ian Skor recently. He and his partner Andrew Lyle started Sandbox Solar in 2015, focused on serving clients here in northern Colorado. It’s mostly residential for right now, but both residential and commercial are growing rapidly.

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MidiCi BRANDS ITSELF AS “The Neapolitan Pizza Company.” New to Fort Collins, you might be skeptical about whether this town needs another pizza place, no matter how good the food is.

I had a chance this week to be introduced to the owners of this great new MidiCi franchise, opened just three weeks ago.  Frank and Kim Brewster come from Greeley and are passionate about the unique employee culture of this business. Read the rest of this entry »

logo-heart-soul-convertedJASON BRABSON IS CHANGING THE FACE of non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) in Fort Collins.

You might remember that I wrote about Heart and Soul Paratransit last year, and the progress he’s made has been amazing.  If you recall, this business is dedicated to transporting infirm and disabled for medical treatment.

That’s what taxi services, Dial-A-Ride and Dial-A-Taxi supposed to do, of course, but the service is … unpredictable and unreliable.

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BrabsonJASON BRABSON’S HEART ACHES for the injustice he’s seen.

His most recent career has been as a mobility cab driver, and he’s directly seen how cruel transportation can be for the disabled and elderly.  Public options aren’t great in this town, and private companies don’t treat their passengers well at all.

So Jason’s fixing it.

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Becky GarciaMASSAGE THERAPY is an interesting field.  Despite having been around for many decades (and in the East, centuries), it’s still breaking into peoples’ awareness.

Yet it’s such a powerful addition to creating a healthy life.

I’ve been talking with Becky Garcia, who heads up Garden of Healing Massage Therapy here in Windsor.  And I’ve had a chance to peek behind the scenes of the creation of her heart-centered service.

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love-822501_640A COUPLE OF WEEKS AGO I talked about how gratitude yields generosity.  But that’s not the end of the game by any means.

Generosity also brings results, one being loyalty.  When you’re generous, people think more highly of you.  They want to work with you more.

Stunning insight, right?

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Happy Lucky's logoHAPPY LUCKY’S TEAHOUSE is a little shop in downtown Fort Collins. They have the largest tea selection in Colorado, as displayed on their ever-growing “Great Wall of Tea” alongside teapots, accessories, and silk scarves.

Silk scarves? What’s that about?

It turns out that those scarves were an important part of the genesis of this business. Read the rest of this entry »

HFM logoMEDICAL CARE is going through traumatic changes in this country. You might not be aware, but primary care family physicians are disappearing rapidly – either by being gobbled up into large care groups, or going out of business.

The net effect of this is that quality of primary care is going down and options are disappearing.
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Source jean hambourg, no modifications

Source jean hambourg, no modifications

THIS WEEK I’VE BEEN PONDERING the concept of delivering outrageous value for my clients.  This isn’t unique to coaches, of course – it’s something which can make any business stand out from the crowd.

For instance, I was speaking with the owner of an engineering product/services company.  That’s a bit dear to my heart, actually, since I started my career that way.

This company has great products, of course – highly technical, as you’d expect.  But that doesn’t really say much about the nature of the company.  Read the rest of this entry »

WHEN A CHILD Handprintsneeds to go wash her hands, it’s best not to say, “don’t touch the walls!”  That’s the surest way to ensure that you’ll get handprints all over the place.

Instead, you give them the positive instruction, “keep your hands together until you get to the bathroom!”

The idea is that the word “not” tends to be filtered out, and you’re firmly planting the unconscious message, “touch the walls!”  This has been verified through experimentation, and I’ve seen it work in practice.

The same works for adults.

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