new yearIF YOU THINK ABOUT IT, there’s nothing special about the beginning of a new year.

Yet it’s amazing how much importance we place on this event.  Especially when you realize that there’s different calendars, with all kinds of various starting dates.

But here we are.

The importance of a new year is what we choose to place on it.  So if we want to use this as a fresh start, great.

I’m looking to a whole new approach to my marketing programs and my spiritual life.  I’ve been working with each client to set 2016 goals.  That’s a wonderful reason to become more thoughtful and consider the bigger picture of life, business, and relationships.

The time of year is just a good excuse, to be honest.  But why not take advantage of it?

Do you have a fresh new effort you’re focusing on in 2016?  With your business, your life, and your relationships?