Snowman_New_Year_cardMOST PEOPLE I’M TALKING WITH are positive about the outlook for 2016.

Personally, my 2015 was transformative, and I’m incredibly excited about the new projects I’m working on right now.  I’ll be talking about that here on the blog real soon.

It’s a bit surprising, actually, the optimism that I’m seeing.  Part of that is positivity that seems to take hold at the beginning of something, and relief over “surviving” the holiday season.

And there’s always depressing things happening out there in the world.  It all depends on where you want to place your attention.

As a leader in business, I encourage you to help your folks focus on the future, and the great possibilities which lie ahead.  For the next quarter, the next year, and beyond.  It’s a powerful way to build new energy, and perhaps to let some of the mistakes of 2015 fade away.

After all, we all have mistakes and regrets throughout our lives.  It’s those who get stuck in those memories who never seem to move beyond and make progress.

I sometimes do this exercise with clients:  If you were starting out today, with everything you know and all the assets you have, what would you change?

It can be a powerful thought process.  Some people worry about how they’d have to explain big changes to their employees.  Or get lost in dreams of what might be possible.

But it’s just a thought exercise, useful for taking a look at the big picture of your business.  There’s always some thing to learn, even if you end up doubling down on your current strategy.  It helps you examine the “big why” both for yourself and the company.

What would you change?