consious-businessBUSINESS IS TO MAKE MONEY.


Well, I was honored to be a member of a panel discussion this week with Amy Ross about Conscious Capitalism.  The question came up:  What is the purpose of business, if not to make money?

Because that seems to be the universal assumption of our economy and culture.

The fact is that if you’ve focused everything on making money, you’ll only be addressing the needs of one class of stakeholder:  The shareholders.

Don’t get me wrong, money is vital.  But as the way of being able to continue what you’re doing.

Think about this instead:  What’s the purpose of a family?

I hope you see that money is necessary for a thriving family, but is far from its purpose.  A family is about love, support, raising the next generation of society.  Stuff like that.

Or:  What’s the purpose of a charity which, say, is about feeding kids from needy households?

Again, money is necessary, otherwise you won’t be able to continue the mission of this organization.  But the charity’s purpose is to feed kids, to benefit society, and to support people in need.

When you think about it, we’re limiting the value of a business by declaring that generating money is its primary purpose.

I’ve talked about Conscious Capitalism before.  It’s a powerful force for businesses which are attempting to change the world for the better.  And, by the way, they end up being more profitable too.  Because great employees like working there.  Because customers and partners like working with them.

So check out the video of this panel discussion!

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