I’ve had several opportunities open up recently, all while I’m trying to make sure I don’t get over-obligated by signing up for too much. It’s a common problem for many of us these days – we’re all so busy and distracted.

But there’s a way through these kinds of decisions, based on my goals and my values. Some things align, and others don’t.

Of course I also look at the long term implications of what I say yes to. Some things are simple, and don’t require an ongoing obligation or a lot of effort. I can say yes if I have some time and it looks like it aligns.

Other things are the “big rocks” which will continue to take ongoing effort, perhaps for years to come. I’m MUCH more careful about those, and I proactively set expectations about whether I can get engaged and to what degree.

I’ve also found that some things I’m only satisfied with doing well, while other things I’m OK with minimal effort. That’s about me personally, and others choose to have a different balance. So a key question is: Do I have the time and effort to do it to the degree I’m satisfied with?

That goes back to my personal values. Some aspects just matter a lot more to me than they might to others.

The same logic applies to business, by the way. Some things really need to be done well, but other things we should be satisfied with less quality and effort.

Just make the decision consciously, and make sure your people are on board. If not, the disconnect will drive them crazy.