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The real world never lines up the way you’d like it to. There are always imperfections.

Of course, this is incredibly frustrating – even if you don’t think of yourself as a perfectionist.

This comes to mind because I’m currently working on a yearly budget. And I don’t dream in spreadsheets.

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The future will be different than the past. That’s basic, right? Yet we love to make projections based on an expectation that only 2% will change.

Well, the pandemic upended all that. It felt like EVERYTHING changed.

As we achieve a high rate of vaccinations, we’d like to think that we will “return to normal” — namely, 2019. But it’s not happening. We’re moving into something new.

We expect our business leaders to have a clearer view of the future, or at least to act like they do. But we’re in a state where NOBODY really knows what the future holds.

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FFirms of EndearmentIRMS OF ENDEARMENT: How World-Class Companies Profit from Passion and Purpose is an excellent book, supporting the idea that companies are more successful when they form positive emotional bonds with employees, customers, and investors.  I’ve been reading it recently in preparation for leading the Entreprenerds discussion on April 18th, “Business for the 21st Century”.

I’ve learned a lot from this, and it’s been useful for my own coaching business.

By definition, the owner of a values-based business is focused on “doing something important.”  But there’s always the question of whether he or she will be rewarded by also having a profitable and sustainable business.

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