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I started talking last week about the acronym VUCA: Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous. I’m sure we can all relate to how this describes the world that each of our organizations live in.

I’m offering a replacement for VUCA which tells us how to navigate through all this instability. V was for Values, U is for … Uplift.

That’s because one of the biggest issues we’re dealing with is fear and morale.

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It’s not because I’m particularly messed up or disadvantaged. I’m just as human as anyone, and we all have our challenges.

The question is what we DO about it.

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WINDSONG MEMORY CARE is a great new facility in Fort Collins, part of the new growing field of applying Montessori methods to help dementia patients.

They call their approach the Montessori Inspired Lifestyle®, and it’s revolutionary.

We all have fears when it comes to our declining years. For me, the idea of losing my memory and thinking is unbelievably scary.

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RECENTLY I HAD COFFEE with a friend who leads a great business. They’re a powerful part of this community, always looking to support others and make a difference.

He happened to leave a very generous tip for the coffee shop owner, but it was our conversation afterward which made it memorable.  He said to me, “I feel that it’s important to support all these other businesses in town.  They help me and I help them, and it makes for a great community.”

You might think that I’m making too much out of a small act of kindness, but this really is about the way he thinks.

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communityCOMMUNITIES HAVE SPRUNG TO THE TOP of my mind this week.

Each of us has communities that we participate in and contribute to.  Social groups.  Family.  Work.  Spiritual support.  And other friendships.

This is much more important than we usually recognize.

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Photo from Tax Credits on Flickr

Photo from Tax Credits on Flickr

LET’S FACE IT: You spend most of your career doing what others want.

You’ve probably felt hemmed in by obligations, the need to support your family’s lifestyle, and a desire to amass retirement savings.

But now what?

I’ve been working with people who now want to take their considerable expertise and build a new consulting business, mentor in the community, or be on a non-profit board.

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support-487504_640THE LAST COUPLE OF MONTHS has been an intense time for me.  I’ve been in the process of launching the largest program I’ve every done, and I’m now seeing the results of that focus and energy.

I’m incredibly grateful for the wide range of supporters and partners who have helped me on this journey.  Honestly, I never would have attempted this without them.

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IHAD A CHANCE this week to speak with three people who, each in their own way, were influential in the creation of this blog.  This has been an important spiritual journey for me, in addition to the more visible discussions we’ve had.

This helped me realize how important is is to acknowledge where your foundation is.

For most people I speak with, this is almost entirely about the people in their lives.  Sure, I got into a great career and awesome company right out of college, which somehow set me up to be where I am today.  But I’m not going to fall into the delusion of thinking I’m “self-made.”

I think the harder you work, the more you realize how dependent you are on supporters around you.

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