A network designed for introverts? Sounds like an oxymoron!

Chrysta Bairre

So I was really intrigued to hear Chrysta Bairre talk about the group she founded back in 2017. She Goes High is a powerful women’s community focused on relationships, accessibility, support, development … created by and for introverts.

Don’t expect the usual barrage of elevator pitches in this group! Nope, introductions take place in a far more natural way.

I’ve always branded myself as an introvert, so I’ve experienced the struggles of going out an marketing my business. So I get what she’s doing here, and why it’s such a radical shift in business and personal networking.

As you might expect, this can be difficult for people wrap their minds around. Especially since we’ve been so deeply trained in how to do networking. And that’s uncomfortable for a lot of us, so we do it anyway because “that’s the formula for success.”

Chrysta places relationships first in this group. After conveying the ground rules, she loves to open a meeting with a question: “What have you done in the last week that you’re proud of?” If someone wants to pass on answering, it’s totally OK. It’s fine to not put on a happy face if you’re not up to it.

I love the question. It opens up all kinds of creative answers, and it’s positive. I’d feel great being able to support someone who’s celebrating some kind of accomplishment or progress.

It’s a perfect example of why this is a group of people who are actively supporting and encouraging each other.

But I’m a guy, so where’s MY group designed for introverts? Someone may have to learn from Chrysta’s approach and start one! But I understand why catering to those who identify as women is important: It opens up a more vulnerable and honest conversation, which often shifts when a man walks into the room.

It’s about being the most help to the She Goes High members.

So what is Chrysta working on for the future? As you’d expect, the pandemic caused all the meetings to shift online. It changes the dynamic a bit, but it also opens this up to serving women all across the country. Of course, marketing to the whole country requires a different skill set as this business grows. And she does want to grow, to be able to support and serve more women.

What a fabulous concept that’s totally changing the paradigm for networking!

“You are inherently worthy, and inherently valuable!”

— One of Chrysta’s favorite encouragements!