Things are changing quickly, but making progress slowly. It’s all very confusing.

Certainly my sense of time has gotten all screwed up since March.

The challenge is that you, as leader, are tasked with leading communication for your organization.

I get your difficulty. It feels like you have nothing new to say, because you’re depending on others for your information – and they’re not giving you clear indications. Because, honestly, we’re all making up how to navigate through this strange reality. Nobody has the answers.

But a recent Gallup study indicated that employees are more nervous than ever, feeling like their boss and organization aren’t giving them confidence of a positive future.

That’s the recipe for losing the top employees.

So the conclusion today is: keep communicating. Tell people what you know, even if it hasn’t changed much, then listen. Find out what their concerns are, empathize, and do your best to support when that will help.

Because we’re all just doing the best we can.