Source jean hambourg, no modifications

Source jean hambourg, no modifications

THIS WEEK I’VE BEEN PONDERING the concept of delivering outrageous value for my clients.  This isn’t unique to coaches, of course – it’s something which can make any business stand out from the crowd.

For instance, I was speaking with the owner of an engineering product/services company.  That’s a bit dear to my heart, actually, since I started my career that way.

This company has great products, of course – highly technical, as you’d expect.  But that doesn’t really say much about the nature of the company.  What’s special is that they’re smart, inventive, and responsive.  You have a problem in their area of expertise?  They’ll figure it out, no matter how complicated.

Now it’s one thing to claim that – many technical services companies might say the same thing through their marketing.  But what does it mean to actually create this as the fundamental nature of your company?

  • You’ll hire some of the best talent in the entire field.
  • You’ll develop a rich patent portfolio for USEFUL products.
  • You’ll take on some real challenges that others are struggling with, and succeed.

When you’re able to show this kind of success, people will see the meat behind your marketing.

This concept is applicable for products such as the Apple iPhone, the Umbo Helmet, or your favorite awesome pizza.  But rarely does the product stand on its own – that’s called a one-hit wonder.  As wonderful as the iPhone is, the true success comes from the nature of the company.  The ability to regularly produce products such as that.

Likewise, Southwest Airlines’ service has create a bunch of loyal fans.  But deep success comes from the nature of this company to be able to consistently deliver an entire customer experience which surprises and delights.  And to attract employees who love delivering that.

This is what I mean by outrageous value.  Not just great, not even just surprising, but sustainably and reproducibly wonderful.