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DR. ART MISSIRLIAN, DDS, heads up a small dental practice here in Fort Collins.  Full disclosure: he’s been my dentist since he launched the business in 1987.

dr-arthur-missirlianI’ve appreciated his quality work and attention to customer service over the years.  But that’s really just the kind of service one would expect.  If I’d been disappointed, no doubt I would have gone to one of the many other professionals in town.

I realized a few years ago that he brings his Christianity forth as part of his personality.  It’s not a huge part of his approach, but you’ll find in his bio on the website.  You might find Christian music in the background in his waiting room, and the directory of local Christian businesses.

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WE HAVE ALL HEARD the traditional wisdom that keeping employees happy results in happy customers, which brings in more money, which makes you insanely rich.

But honestly, I don’t see too many companies which actually structure around this kind of philosophy.  More often, building a great and loyal employee base is more like “do as much as we can afford.”

Pete Gazlay

Courtesy Stenbakken Photography

I met Pete Gazlay a few years ago, when both he and I had just started our businesses.  After working in the industry for a decade, he created Total Facility Care to service business janitorial needs in northern Colorado.

Yeah, I know – has this just got to be just the most boring industry ever?  Let me tell you about why TFC is special.

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SOCKS FOR BROGAVIA! was started in 2012 after Jed Arlsen toured Eastern Europe on a mission trip.  Impressed with the beautiful artistry of their work, he saw the opportunity to benefit starving workers by selling their products in the U.S.

With a whole bunch of hard work and dedication, Jed was able to get the socks in 26 stores for the Christmas season.  Customers were amazed at the craftsmanship and fine Brogavian Highlands Goat hair, and the products flew off the shelves.

A week after Christmas, the entire business fell apart as it was discovered that hot water washing caused the products to fall apart in a mess at the bottom of the washer.  The company was bankrupt within two months.

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