love-822501_640A COUPLE OF WEEKS AGO I talked about how gratitude yields generosity.  But that’s not the end of the game by any means.

Generosity also brings results, one being loyalty.  When you’re generous, people think more highly of you.  They want to work with you more.

Stunning insight, right?

But it’s surprising how often I see businesses forget this fundamental principle.  They deliver exactly what was advertised, not one iota more.  And do it grumpily.

You can go ahead and toss in an extra two muffins for the price of a dozen.  But remember that it’s not just about simple quantity.  Sometimes it’s about having a great experience with your workers.  Sometimes it’s remembering that the customer’s dog was sick and asking if he’s doing better.

You can be generous with your attitude and caring and it may mean even more than when you’re generous with your product.

OK, I hear you saying that people can take advantage of your generosity, thinking that you’re a dumb shmuck to give without expecting return.  And I agree that happens sometimes.


  • Those are people you probably don’t want as customers or partners anyway.
  • The people who stick with you are the ones who like you and respect you.

Not everyone will like you, so don’t worry about it.  Worry about connecting with those who can get the most value from what you do.

Then deliver it.  Go above the call of duty, and they’ll become loyal.