MidiCi BRANDS ITSELF AS “The Neapolitan Pizza Company.” New to Fort Collins, you might be skeptical about whether this town needs another pizza place, no matter how good the food is.

I had a chance this week to be introduced to the owners of this great new MidiCi franchise, opened just three weeks ago.  Frank and Kim Brewster come from Greeley and are passionate about the unique employee culture of this business.

When I spoke with Frank, he explained that this stemmed from his deep gratefulness for what God has blessed him with, and the desire to spread that blessing to the community.

After selling a local hotel franchise, they decided to seek out a business which supported an exceptional employee culture of respect and teamwork.  They fell in love with MidiCi, an authentic Italian pizza restaurant that is experiencing explosive growth across the US.

Oh yes, I did! Nutella berry dessert calzone.

The food is of exceptional quality, largely sourced in Italy. The prices are amazingly reasonable, but it’s the people who make this memorable.

I talk to a lot of business owners about employee culture, but I only want to highlight the impressive ones on this site.  What I saw here was people who were interested, engaging, well trained, and even having fun.  In a quick service restaurant?  Yes, fun.

MidiCi’s CEO, Amit Kleinberger, is dedicated to hiring kind people.  Could it be that simple?

Frank explained to me that this is indeed the driving force behind what they’re building.  They’re looking for people who are friendly, hospitable, focused on the guest, and work well in a team.  The technical skills will be taught, of course, but it’s the soft skills that are most important.

So what’s next for Kim and Frank?  Obviously, being so new, it’s about building visibility and loyal customers.  Their objective with the revenue right now is to build it to sustainability – something I look for in a values-driven business.

And, as Frank said, “what can we do in the community to bless God back for what He’s given us?”