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TODAY OUR DEAR FRIEND MarioMario left the family.  It was a hard decision with us, but his battle with cancer has come to an end.

I took him to the vet and was with him to the end.  It was a rough experience for me personally – something I haven’t had be so up close before.

But good things come to an end.  Relationships change.  People leave.  You lose your job.  Business ventures have to be shut down.

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 J OSH MILLER Josh Milleris a pastor who is starting up a new church in Fort Collins, St Thomas Church.  He brings a wealth of experience and amazing energy, so I have confidence that he’ll see success with this venture.

I first met him at a local Chamber of Commerce event.  How unusual is that, right?  It’s almost as if business relationships can’t at all be associated with spirituality.

So of course I just had to find out more.

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COMPASSION Compassionis an interesting topic, so I was fascinated by a challenging article by Jeff Mowatt entitled Is compassion the fourth bottom line?

He makes a powerful argument that improving peoples’ lives can be just as important as any other business objective.  In fact, one could even state that it’s more important than any other objective, because it’s what makes a business sustainable.

Unfortunately, I think the evidence would show us that successful companies could rarely be described as compassionate – to customers, employees, or society.

At least the way we currently define success.

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YOU HEAR THIS all the time: “Our employees are our most valuable resource!”

It’s supposed to make you feel better as an employee.  You know what?  I don’t see that it works.  But to figure out why, we need to tear apart that word “resource.”

noun \ˈrē-ˌsȯrs, -ˌzȯrs, ri-ˈ\
: something that a country has and can use to increase its wealth
: a supply of something (such as money) that someone has and can use when it is needed
: a place or thing that provides something useful
— Merriam-Webster online

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MICHAEL BROWNMichael Brown has been a passionate educator and pastor for 30 years, and joined Tutor Doctor in 2011 to help make this his full time business.  Quite simply, he’s improving the lives of students and families through success in education.

And, by the way, he’s also helping to change the face of education in America.

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AFARMER found an eagle egg.  He decided to raise it along with the chickens in his farm.

A naturalist came by one day, and exclaimed: “That’s an eagle!”

“No,” the farmer replied, “it’s just a chicken.”

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TEN THOUSAND VILLAGES is a US-based company with a powerful mission to create opportunities for artisans in developing countries.  Formed in 1946, they now buy from 37 countries, have 78 branded stores in North America, about 260 other retail partners, and sales of $42M for the year ending March 2012.

They are one of the largest and most successful fair-trade organizations on the planet.

10kVillagesI had a chance recently to speak with Wendy Poppen, who runs our local store.  She brings a powerful passion in this role:  “I’m going to leave this planet a little better than I found it.”

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JONATHAN RAYMOND wrote a powerful article recently called The Power of Caring over at the E-Myth Blog.  They do great work over there.

His observation is that customers make most of their decisions based on emotions rather than logic.  I find this to be absolutely true – even in surprising cases.

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