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AFARMER found an eagle egg.  He decided to raise it along with the chickens in his farm.

A naturalist came by one day, and exclaimed: “That’s an eagle!”

“No,” the farmer replied, “it’s just a chicken.”

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MLKquotePEOPLE are sometimes puzzled by this concept of “deep values” in the for-profit world.  Partly that stems from an overlap with the idea of altruism.

Altruism is the idea of putting others’ needs ahead of your own, being able to give without expectation of return.  We do this all the time in our families:  You’ll help out others just because of the close relationship, not because you expect something back.  Well, not exactly true – you expect a certain amount of reciprocation, or trust and closeness will degrade over time.  But that’s not very specific.

And in the case of the commitment to your spouse or kids, you’ll give and give and give.

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DEEP VALUES are surprisingly hard to nail down.

This is because you see wonderful statements masquerading all the time as deep values, the foundation of the company.

walmart-made-in-the-usaAn interesting example came up recently:  Walmart.  I remember back in the 1970s when they had a strong statement about “Made in the USA.”  Proud of this fact, they made it a central point of their advertising for several years.  You would have been forgiven if you assumed that this was a core belief of a company home-grown in Bentonville, Arkansas.

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