IT’S WONDERFUL to step back occasionally and look at the world through different eyes.

Amazing_EagleI’ve come across several things this week which struck me as absolutely amazing, including this picture here.  Sure, we’ve all seen many great nature photos, but isn’t it wonderful to ponder this incredible beauty, and our tiny role in the world?

I was talking with the owner of a business on Thursday, I’m hoping to be able to profile them on the blog here soon.  They have a wonderful organization and philosophy, something which seems all too rare.

Of course, the passing of our beautiful cat last week has opened me up to some deeper conversations with the folks I’ve run into.  When I’m able to expose a little bit of my emotional vulnerability, I find that almost everyone brings out wonderful empathy and support.

That’s amazing.  There IS some humanity in this world, despite what all the screamers on TV would have you think.

I also ran across this short video from NASA that just blew me away:

This might make you feel depressingly insignificant, but for me it shows the beauty of this marvelous universe we’ve been placed in.  What a great gift!

Why is it important to notice these things?  Because it helps sustain us spiritually and emotionally.  It gives us hope, appreciation, and perspective.

It makes us human.

Isn’t that the world you want to help build too?