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DISAGREEMENT IS NATURAL, because we’re human.

I’ve recently had to work on this, both for myself and for clients, and have some thoughts about building a graceful reconciliation.

It’s important to realize that you’ve entered a zone fraught with emotion, so treating this with logical arguments isn’t likely to end up with a great result.

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EVERYTHING IS A DISASTER.  TitanicOr at least it seems that way.

But you get a different perspective when you’re able to reflect after the fact.  It’s human nature.

We’re expert at focusing on the detail.  If we didn’t do that, the magnitude of everyday experience would overwhelm us!  But it also means that we shut out 99% of the world to focus on the 1%.

Especially when it comes to problems.

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stumbleYOUR BUSINESS screwed up. Publicly.

You had that blowup with the big customer, and they’re threatening a lawsuit.  The press is snooping around and is going to eviscerate you on the front page of the business section.

Things are getting ugly and the pressure is on.

Like it or not, this is bound to happen to you a few times during your lifetime.  Read the rest of this entry »

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