EVERYTHING IS A DISASTER.  TitanicOr at least it seems that way.

But you get a different perspective when you’re able to reflect after the fact.  It’s human nature.

We’re expert at focusing on the detail.  If we didn’t do that, the magnitude of everyday experience would overwhelm us!  But it also means that we shut out 99% of the world to focus on the 1%.

Especially when it comes to problems.

So please, take the opportunity to reflect after it’s all done with.  This is a primary value I give to my clients, but there’s other useful ways to do it too.

Most important, think through these questions:

  • What did I learn from the whole experience?
  • Given my new perspective, would I do things differently in the moment?
  • Is there a way I might have avoided or reduced the impact of that issue?
  • How can I help others who have similar problems?

Hindenburg_burningThe point is to learn and grow.  It may have been the most terrible problem at that time, but now you have the opportunity to improve things.  You’ll come out of it with stronger character.

Which is also a wonderful part of being human.