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If you haven’t been following their “State of the Workplace” research, you should.  Especially if you care to attract and retain great people, and motivate them to excellence.

That’s why I was excited this week to get the notification of their updated report, available for free on their website.

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ONE OF FORT COLLINS’ claims to fame is Sign guyTim Farnsworth, the M&E Painting sign dancer guy.  He’s been working for the company for six years now and is an energetic asset to the community.

He cares deeply about his job.  He’s an expert and puts his whole heart into what he does.

Let’s contrast this to, oh, the other twenty sign flippers around town.  They stand there.  Maybe they wave their sign around a little.  It a fit of inspiration, they might even turn it around for ten minutes.

You get the impression that it’s just a job, a way to make a few bucks before moving onto something which will pay 50¢ more.

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