I always find it useful to work with my clients to examine the nature and needs of all the stakeholders in their business. That discussion starts off with customers, partners, supplier, and investors. But there are more!

Sometimes leaders forget that their employees are stakeholders. They care if the company succeeds, because it’s often their primary livelihood and source of income.

But I often find that people forget about one of the most crucial stakeholders in any business: Yourself.

Do you get value out of the business? I sure hope you do!

Do you care if the business succeeds? Even more than your employees!

Do you provide crucial value to that business? Of course!

But why is it important to think of all these people as “stakeholders”?

  • It’s a long term relationship
  • Value flows both directions
  • You have to do specific things to satisfy each stakeholder
  • Stakeholders care if you succeed or not

I would hope that you’re getting value out of your business, and care more deeply, than just making some income.

For instance, I started my business because I cared about serving people, and wanted to have more freedom in controlling my time and energy. I wanted to enjoy this part of my life.

That’s why it’s so crucial for me to be doing a lot of things in my community than just doing my work. Yes, I love working with coaching clients, but I wouldn’t want to have 50 clients. That would take away my freedom from the other things I’m doing.

How are YOU feeling about being a stakeholder in your business? Are you getting what you need to stay engaged?