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OUR CULTURE celebrates self reliance.  CowboyWe applaud the “self made man” as if such a thing could even exist, and we have a deep desire for independence and autonomy.  The USA holds up the archetype as cowboy or business mogul as one who courageously takes on all challenges and doesn’t rely on anyone else.

It’s a wonder that society can exist at all!

The truth is that we deeply need each other throughout our lifetimes.  Read the rest of this entry »

THIS WEEK I WAS CHALLENGED Red_and_blue_pill 2by a speaker named Todd Musselman to think about the concept of making choices.  One of his key messages? “At every moment in time, you’re doing exactly what is most important to you.”

I have a resistance to this, as you might as well.  It feels like an incredible amount of my time is spent on extraneous stuff, trivialities, and annoyances.

Yet, this is absolutely true.

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EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE SUPPORTERS.  SupporterHumans are social beings, and we have a fundamental need to be encouraged, even to look good in front of others.

In business this can be particularly difficult.  A company is a bit of a faceless entity, so people aren’t as accustomed to stating things in a polite way like they would to someone’s face.

Quite likely, you’re awash in a sea of criticism.

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THIS IS THE TIME OF YEAR new-years-eve-2015when many people consider their resolutions.  I’m not a big fan of that, personally, because of the whole mindset that’s built up around the concept.

If I make a decision to do something, I’d like to set myself up for success.  If I instead want to just play around at something, that’s fine, but it’s not the same as making a commitment.

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A-MAIZE’N KETTLE CORN is a family-owned company that started up just this February by Ed and Jan Frumes.Kettle Corn  After extensive backgrounds in the financial services industry, they decided to make a change and do something that was smaller, more fun, and would help the community.

They’ve ended up with a great family run business which sells a popular product, and is easily integrated into fundraising and charitable benefits.

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ACOUPLE OF WEEKS AGO I talked about expanding the way you look at employee satisfactionCar washIt turns out that similar concepts can be applied to your relationship with your customers and competition.

You can really get wrapped up in worrying about your competition.  You sell hamburgers, I sell hamburgers, there’s five other places down the street who sell hamburgers.  There’s only a limited number of people who want to BUY hamburgers on any particular day, so your mission is to steal those customers away from the competition.

I propose that this is the wrong way to look at it.

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BILL TRACK 50 bill track 50 logois a great little company focused on helping people to be better integrated with what’s going on in our government.

It’s a straightforward idea:  There’s loads of public information about what’s going on in legislative action, and people need to have a simple way to track it, pull information together, and use it for their own decision making.

Wait a sec:  All this information is publicly available, right?  Why would anybody pay to get it?

That’s a darned good question.

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I‘VE It takes a villageCOME TO REALIZE just how much I rely on others for my business success.

It’s not that I’ve structured things in a particularly complex manner: I’m a part of a small group of coaches operating under a single brand. I’m responsible for finding my own clients and delivering services to them.

That group is vitally important to my focus and motivation. Read the rest of this entry »

SilverEdge SilverEdge logoWAS A TRADITIONAL payments services company in Colorado.  From that history as Payment Solutions, they’ve reinvented themselves under a new name as a payment technology provider for small- and medium-sized businesses.

I saw that they were growing swiftly – they made the Inc. 500 in 2012, the Mercury 100 in 2011 and were awarded the Mercury Fastest Growing Company in 2012.  But I hadn’t paid much attention.

This is an impressive business.  Fast growing, focused, and solid in their convictions.

A few weeks ago I met Ken Salazar, president and CEO, and was impressed with the values foundation they have for the company.  So I was glad I had a chance to meet with him and dig into the topic.

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KELLER WILLIAMS kw-logoREALTY is the largest real estate franchise company in North America, with over 100,000 associates in 700 offices and twelve countries.  They have grown rapidly since being started in 1983.

But that’s not the real story.

This company is really, seriously, passionately, designed around the agents who provide such great service for their clients.

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