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STU CRAIR FOUNDED Digital Workshop Center in 2006 with a simple idea: to help people build useful skills, not just get degrees.

This great business delivers technical education: web design, graphic design, business administration, and so on. Their much-needed content is supported by training that’s always live, which means more personal attention to students in the room.

What tweaked my interest recently was an announcement that they’ve developed a partnership with Homeless Gear to provide technical training – for free – to people in their Hand Up program.

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VERY FEW BUSINESSES are completely independent. Even as a primarily one-man show myself, I still rely to a great deal on partners for marketing, lead generation, even fulfillment of services.

It’s crucial to have the best people you can. Especially because you might have just as much business reliance on them as you would with employees, with far less control.

The trick is to align around your mission and values.

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SOMETIMES COMPANIES CAN STRUGGLE with connecting up with the right kind of volunteering opportunities.

It’s not a matter of finding people in need – there are an overwhelming number of worthy organizations out there who need our help and support.

I was excited to find out that our very own City of Fort Collins has a Volunteer Services Program.  So I sat down with Charlotte Boney this week to find out more.

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stephSTEPHANIE HEACOX is launching a great new business, Senior Homeshares.  It’s built on a powerful personal motivation to address pain and reduce anxiety.

You see, a few years ago, her mother was in the usual end-of-life bind about housing.  She couldn’t sustain the family home, but didn’t want to move into Assisted Living or one of the other services for people who need support.

The financial burden was part of it, of course, but also the difficulty of making decisions to become dependent on others.

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partnership-526416_640THIS WEEK I had the wonderful opportunity to spend some quality face-to-face time with one of my key partners.  It was the best investment I could have possibly made in defining the future course of our partnership.

On the surface, the work we were doing was about tasks and projects and how this would add value to both of our companies.

The greater joy, though, came from our understanding of each others’ values and goals.  Despite having worked together for five years, we each learned a great deal by meeting up in person and taking substantial time to talk about that non-task stuff.

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support-487504_640THE LAST COUPLE OF MONTHS has been an intense time for me.  I’ve been in the process of launching the largest program I’ve every done, and I’m now seeing the results of that focus and energy.

I’m incredibly grateful for the wide range of supporters and partners who have helped me on this journey.  Honestly, I never would have attempted this without them.

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I‘VE It takes a villageCOME TO REALIZE just how much I rely on others for my business success.

It’s not that I’ve structured things in a particularly complex manner: I’m a part of a small group of coaches operating under a single brand. I’m responsible for finding my own clients and delivering services to them.

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THE CollaborationWORD “COLLABORATION” has shown up for me multiple times this week.  It must be a message!

I totally understand the reluctance to put your future in the hands of someone else.  No doubt many of us learned the lesson in school that a “team project” would sometimes turn into all the work being done by the one kid who cared about grades the most.  The others would let things slide a bit, letting the dedicated one pick up the slack.

Instead, let’s look at this from the standpoint of collaborations which work well.

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