KELLER WILLIAMS kw-logoREALTY is the largest real estate franchise company in North America, with over 100,000 associates in 700 offices and twelve countries.  They have grown rapidly since being started in 1983.

But that’s not the real story.

This company is really, seriously, passionately, designed around the agents who provide such great service for their clients.

Robert TaitI had a chance to sit down with Robert Tait this week to find out more about this great company.  He’s an Operating Principal here in Colorado.

KW’s mission is “to build careers worth having, businesses worth owning, and lives worth living.”  To quote Robert, “The most amazing thing about our mission is that we wake up every day with the intent to deliver that value and it all about our associates. Our associates define what a business worth owning is for them and we just set ourselves to help them achieve that.”

That sounds great, but no doubt you’ve seen lots of corporate mission statements which don’t at all represent the way the business works.  This company puts its values to the test.

One of the most important ways they do that is the extensive training they provide for their associates.  Of course they induct them into the culture and the processes of the company.  But even that is pretty serious, the initial training being 18 modules spread over four weeks.

I asked Robert whether they require this initial “Ignite” coursework be completed before allowing an associate to start working with clients.  I was a bit surprised to find out that they don’t, because they treat their folks as business owners, and allow them to make their own best choices.

One of the first business building courses they offer is RSTLM – Recruit, Select, Train, Lead and Motivate.  This is for people serious about their businesses, and forms a powerful foundation.  It’s a game change for the company.  Here’s some more information of you want to see what this feels like.

They’re incredibly serious about training, but it’s not mandatory.  Instead, they provide the tangible proof of value and let their people decide to take advantage of it.

Of the hundreds of classes.

Of the core books they offer.

Of over 1700 hours of online training.

Of archived interviews with the company principles.

And that’s why they’re not only the top training company in their industry, but the #2 training company in ALL industries.  In the world.

It’s not necessarily that they’re fanatics about training.  OK, maybe a little bit.  But they see this as the way they build and maintain a powerful culture, and attract and retain great people.

The Keller Williams culture is described as:

  1. Our culture is productive
  2. Our culture is to be the best
  3. Our agents are our partners – treated with respect, support, and leadership. We share our decisions with our agents with the Agent Leadership Council, we join them in success, and we foster open sharing of information and support.
  4. KW has really changed some people’s lives. (Check out the family fund for their office in Iowa, or rallying with the floods here in Colorado.)
  5. We believe in growth, productivity, profitability and Culture is our glue.

That’s something that other companies will never be able to replicate.

K-W Red CarpetAnd the results bear this out.  In May 2013, the company started with two agents in Northern Colorado.  Today they have 65, outperforming the market and the competition.  This is absolutely amazing performance by the company and their dedicated agents.

Robert assured me that he’s open to being contacted if you’d like more information:

Robert Tait
kw | Operating Principal, Realtor
Keller Williams Park Meadows
Keller Williams Northern Colorado
Direct (303) 888-0194