THIS IS THE TIME OF YEAR new-years-eve-2015when many people consider their resolutions.  I’m not a big fan of that, personally, because of the whole mindset that’s built up around the concept.

If I make a decision to do something, I’d like to set myself up for success.  If I instead want to just play around at something, that’s fine, but it’s not the same as making a commitment.

Here’s a range of concepts:


As you proceed further to the right, you become more intentional and committed.  The problem is that the word “resolution” seems to be wandering around someplace in the middle of this continuum, not having a whole lot of power behind it.

The things on the right get done.  The things on the left, well, are interesting and necessary, but aren’t likely to come to fruition.

Many people these days are uncomfortable or unfamiliar with the word “covenant.”  For me, though, it’s even beyond commitment.  It’s making such a deep commitment that you’re willing to spend your life and every ounce of energy to achieve it.

So you’d better be careful which covenants you enter into.

How do we use this list of words when we’re looking forward to the new year?  Well, it’s great to reiterate the commitments and covenants you have which are yet to be completed.  When you’re clear and grounded in that, then use your creativity to ponder, wish, create intentions, and ultimately plan.  Go ahead, have fun with it!

But be very intentional about the commitments you make – for your own sanity, for your employees, and for your customers and partners.