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VERY FEW BUSINESSES are completely independent. Even as a primarily one-man show myself, I still rely to a great deal on partners for marketing, lead generation, even fulfillment of services.

It’s crucial to have the best people you can. Especially because you might have just as much business reliance on them as you would with employees, with far less control.

The trick is to align around your mission and values.

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A NEW SOCIAL NETWORK just burst on the scene.

xocial is a system which helps people band together for common causes, projects which will improve the world.

They have a fairly simple process for ambitious people with a purpose:

  • Create a project.
  • Find supporters.
  • Do great projects.
  • Earn points.

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piranha-303345_1280WHAT YOU’RE DOING IS WEIRD.

OK, so you’re in an ordinary industry.  Delivering a product that’s great but not exactly … weird.

What I mean is that your values-based business is highly unusual and you’re getting all kinds of “advice” that you should be more ordinary.  Color inside the lines.  Even become a non-profit, if you’re trying to make the world a better place.

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