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Cleaning up after a meeting, I asked, “where’s your recycling?”

I wasn’t that surprised to find out they had no recycling bin in that office, so I simply took the can home with me. No big deal.

I wasn’t trying to be “that annoying guy with an agenda”, but trying to move the needle, even fractionally.

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NO DOUBT YOU SPENT many years in this classroom situation. Sit up. Pay attention. Take notes. Be quiet.

And there will be a test in a few weeks.

I’m not a fan of this model for adult learners like you and me. Why? Because it ignores the fact that the best learning is active collaboration.

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THE CollaborationWORD “COLLABORATION” has shown up for me multiple times this week.  It must be a message!

I totally understand the reluctance to put your future in the hands of someone else.  No doubt many of us learned the lesson in school that a “team project” would sometimes turn into all the work being done by the one kid who cared about grades the most.  The others would let things slide a bit, letting the dedicated one pick up the slack.

Instead, let’s look at this from the standpoint of collaborations which work well.

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