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THIS IS AN AMAZING, wonderful day for Christians.  But if you don’t have a particularly Christian business, why is this important?

Because we’re real people.  And our employees.  And customers.

The human things matter.  It’s not like business is a machine we can set in the corner and ignore.

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WHEN YOU LIGHT SOMEONE ELSE’S CANDLE, your own flame is not diminished.

How incredibly unusual is that?  If I give you some of my money, I no longer have it.  When I give you my food, I can’t eat it myself.

We’ve built an entire world economy on the beliefs of scarcity, which makes supply and demand powerful forces.

Not everything is that way.

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NOBODY birds-216827_640CAN SUCCEED by themselves.  Well, at least not with any significant venture that we’re talking about in the business world.

There are several ways to get support from others:

  • Force them
  • Buy it from them (with money or goods)
  • Inspire them
  • Use the inspiration they already have

I hope you see why these methods become more powerful as you go down the list.

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