HAVING GROWN UP AROUND THE MOUNTAINS, I find this picture beautifully striking. Especially as it highlights that we NEVER get to see the stars this clearly anymore; they’re obscured by the light from our cities.

Being a business owner or leader has the same problem. We’re distracted from seeing the purity and beauty of the powerful WHY behind our business.
Distractions come in the form of the millions of day-to-day tasks. Fire drills. Emergencies. Problems. Details.

It’s important to work all of those, of course; you can’t spend all your time dreaming and imagining.

But imagine that you saw this scene in person. That image would probably stay with you for years, inspiring you to remember the magnificence of our planet and universe.

In the same way, it’s critical for you to go back to your foundations periodically, at least quarterly. I would hope that you find your mission in business to be beautiful in its own way, because you certainly have to love it in order to work so hard.

And if you don’t love it, how would you expect your employees to have any emotional engagement?

Get away from the rat race periodically, both individually and as a leadership team. Remember why it’s so important that you stay dedicated to making your little corner of the world a better place.