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May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope. — Romans 15:13

 This isn’t easy, of course.  We all get discouraged by happenings in our families, in our businesses, in society.  This is not an easy time.

But I’m not sure that there’s EVER been an easy time.


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 J OSH MILLER Josh Milleris a pastor who is starting up a new church in Fort Collins, St Thomas Church.  He brings a wealth of experience and amazing energy, so I have confidence that he’ll see success with this venture.

I first met him at a local Chamber of Commerce event.  How unusual is that, right?  It’s almost as if business relationships can’t at all be associated with spirituality.

So of course I just had to find out more.

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GOD Music scoreIS THE COMPOSER of the universe.  Knowing the beginning, end, and everything in between, He has carefully constructed this beautiful place we pass through.

I’m the eight note down in measure 93, the low A flat.  I’m not particularly special, no more but no less important than anyone else in this entire symphony.  I marvel at the wonderful intricacy of it all.

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SOMETIMES WorryIT’S ONLY FAITH that gets you through.

This has been a tumultuous few weeks, both for my business and personally.  I won’t go into details here, but it’s been … a testing time.

Life is not meant to be comfortable or convenient.

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FOR ME, newsletters and podcasts are an important part of my development and inspiration.  So a column today by Richard Rohr caught my eye.  In it, he states:

Spiritual gifts increase only by using them.

This brings together a whole lot of thoughts I have around the nature of love, of giving, of support.

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TODAY I HAVE questions but no answers.

I’ve been doing some work recently with another coach, and have found it to be highly valuable.  It’s been probably ten years since I’ve worked on my own statement of purpose.  I’d like to think that I’ve developed and grown since then.

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GALE SIMON heads up Global Wellness Solutions in Windsor, Colorado, and represents SoZo and a number of nutritional supplements.  With a background in chemical research, he approaches product claims with a huge amount of skepticism.

It’s about the research.

Gale’s been promoting nutritional products for well over a decade, building up a very successful income with a previous supplement company.

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