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alchemy logoUSUALLY I PROFILE FOR-PROFIT COMPANIES but I was so fascinated by this story that I just had to share.

I was introduced to Lucy Wallace by Stephanie Heacox, who I talked about last week.  Lucy heads up Alchemy of Movement, where she delivers extremely energetic dance classes in Boulder.

But Lucy discovered an opportunity to bring dance into women’s prisons.  At first she thought this might just be an occasional class, but over the last year it’s become amazing.

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Community FoundationCOMMUNITY FOUNDATION of Northern Colorado is a local organization which helps connects peoples’ (and companies’) charitable strategies to the causes they support.

I had never heard of such a thing, so when I talked with Ray Caraway, their President, it really opened my eyes.

Their business proposition is fairly simple:
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FOR ME, newsletters and podcasts are an important part of my development and inspiration.  So a column today by Richard Rohr caught my eye.  In it, he states:

Spiritual gifts increase only by using them.

This brings together a whole lot of thoughts I have around the nature of love, of giving, of support.

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THOM SCHULTZ Group Publishing logoruns a Loveland, Colorado based company named Group Publishing.  It started 40 years ago as Group Magazine, and quickly expanded to deliver a wide variety of Christian resources for children, youth, and adults.

This is a for-profit company, privately held, delivering religious goods.  Their primary customers are Christian churches, groups, and individuals.  So I’m not surprised that they base the company on Christian values, and are completely open about it.

But the story doesn’t end there.

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THIS WEEK is the time to focus on Christmas.  It’s an interesting and conflicted time for modern Christians, because our society is telling to focus on buying, giving, rushing, and generally going crazy.

If you have a retail business, this is impossible to escape.  You’re going nuts with promotions, employee shifts, maybe bad weather … just holding on for dear life until things return to “normal” in 2014.

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DR. ART MISSIRLIAN, DDS, heads up a small dental practice here in Fort Collins.  Full disclosure: he’s been my dentist since he launched the business in 1987.

dr-arthur-missirlianI’ve appreciated his quality work and attention to customer service over the years.  But that’s really just the kind of service one would expect.  If I’d been disappointed, no doubt I would have gone to one of the many other professionals in town.

I realized a few years ago that he brings his Christianity forth as part of his personality.  It’s not a huge part of his approach, but you’ll find in his bio on the website.  You might find Christian music in the background in his waiting room, and the directory of local Christian businesses.

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TOMS SHOES is another great example of a company that has a much deeper foundation than just selling products.

They sell shoes and eyewear.  Ho hum, right?

If that were the case, you’d never hear about them.  They’d just be some little specialist internet shop, indistinguishable from thousands of others.

Blake Mycoskie started the company in 2006 after a deep personal experience in Argentina, where he developed a passion for selling products and benefiting those in need.  Read the rest of this entry »

CHARITIES shouldn’t work.

Think about it:  We’re all quite busy, and we value our time too much to throw it away.

Yet, here we have it:  A charity asks for your time AND money, and we give it.  Not to every charity, of course, but to some.

Are we insane?  How could that possibly work?

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