TODAY I HAVE questions but no answers.

I’ve been doing some work recently with another coach, and have found it to be highly valuable.  It’s been probably ten years since I’ve worked on my own statement of purpose.  I’d like to think that I’ve developed and grown since then.

Here’s the current version of my purpose statement:

To bring forth peace and fulfillment for myself and others, through my God-given mission of serving and creatively connecting people to their own unique journeys.

I don’t expect this to strike you as deeply as it does me – that’s just the nature of these things.  The person – or people – who create a mission/vision/purpose statement are always more impacted than anyone else, because it’s connected to a bunch of stories, images, and the relationship they’ve formed with each other.

Writing this down, and publishing it on a blog, creates a whole bunch of questions for me:

  1. What’s the difference between KNOWING I have a God-given mission, and BELIEVING I do?
  2. How do I apply this to the non-religious aspects of my life?
  3. Until now, I haven’t explicitly marketed myself as a Christian coach.  Does this mean that I’m being inauthentic or kidding myself?
  4. What about things which seem to be important, but aren’t mentioned in this statement?
  5. In which directions does my faith need to develop next?

In addition, I have more questions which are bubbling up, which I don’t even have words for yet.

How do you handle this part of your own journey?