GALE SIMON heads up Global Wellness Solutions in Windsor, Colorado, and represents SoZo and a number of nutritional supplements.  With a background in chemical research, he approaches product claims with a huge amount of skepticism.

It’s about the research.

Gale’s been promoting nutritional products for well over a decade, building up a very successful income with a previous supplement company.

But in 2008, the company changed the formula for their products, and began making unfounded claims about its effectiveness.  The evidence didn’t back up the claims, so he was faced with a tough choice.

He walked away.

Now, I’ve worked with people who were faced with similar moral choices.  Some find a way to lower their standards – perhaps worried about the financial disruption to their family, or think, “it wasn’t my choice, and it’s not TOO bad.”  But that’s a way to lose your soul.

Gale had to decide to start over, putting his faith in God.

But that faith doesn’t mean a blind trust in suppliers.  If anything, he’s become even more critical of their wild claims.  He has the background and expertise to deeply examine the research, compare that to product ingredients, and come to his own conclusions.

This means that he has strong opinions, both positive and negative, about a wide range of nutritional approaches to addressing medical issues.  I wouldn’t go to him if I was looking for someone to just validate my own biases, because he’s going to tell it as he sees it.

Gale got into this business after dealing with some personal medical issues – his knees buckled back in the early 1990s.  Traditional medicine offered no fixes, so after wearing braces for five years, he found answers in the world of nutrition.  But unlike many, he asked tough questions and looked critically at the underlying research.

It’s a tough business to be in, because so many others make unfounded claims and misuse products.  This is where Gale’s faith is the foundation:  He has decided to stick to truth and honesty, even if that means many tough decisions.

In the end, he told me that he and his family have been rewarded by God, and he’s living a great life serving people who are in great need.

Which is what he wants to do with his life.