GOD Music scoreIS THE COMPOSER of the universe.  Knowing the beginning, end, and everything in between, He has carefully constructed this beautiful place we pass through.

I’m the eight note down in measure 93, the low A flat.  I’m not particularly special, no more but no less important than anyone else in this entire symphony.  I marvel at the wonderful intricacy of it all.

Because I’m limited, I only see those around me and a few who have gone before.  Only God knows what we’re headed toward, and what affect I’ll have on the world.

But it’s enough for me.  I’ll dedicate myself to helping those around me, trusting that it is right and appropriate in God’s plan.  Even though my time and impact are limited.

It’s wonderful, and miraculous, that I can combine my vibration with others’ to be a part of such great music.

As I seem swept up in my own attack, sustain, and decay – along with the others in my life – it’s hard to see the big picture.  It doesn’t feel musical or even purposeful at times.

That’s where my trust and faith have to fill the gap.

Each of us is perfectly placed in this magnificent symphony of the universe.  I have hope that I’ll be able to experience the entire thing when my time here comes to a close.