SOMETIMES WorryIT’S ONLY FAITH that gets you through.

This has been a tumultuous few weeks, both for my business and personally.  I won’t go into details here, but it’s been … a testing time.

Life is not meant to be comfortable or convenient.

But yet, we want to maintain a hope for that bright future, for a deeper purpose to the trials, that the problems will be surmountable.  How do you do that, when the world keeps handing you these big challenges?

For me, I’m working on strengthening my personal faith.  My view is that only with personal strength will I be able to support and inspire others.  Without that, I’m just putting on an act.

Prayer every day – that’s a start.  And I search for others who can help ground and inspire me, so I can pass it on.

I find that groups of people can easily get focused on the negative.  We have world crises.  Things are falling apart locally.  Traffic is bad.

But what I saw this week was that the true power of a group is when people love and support each other, and want to help build each other up.  That happened on Wednesday night, and it was beautiful to be part of.  Plenty to complain about, yet people kept coming back to supporting and building hope.

Try to be that for the people in your life.  In your business, and everywhere else.