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NRB logoBANKING MIGHT NOT BE THE FIRST INDUSTRY you think of improving the world.  We’ve become quite jaded with all the banking issues in the last thirty years.

That means there’s room for someone who’s taking a different approach.

New Resource Bank was founded in San Francisco in 2006 with a mission to support businesses and non-profits which improve the world in four key areas:

  • Environmental protection
  • Health & wellness
  • Education & community empowerment
  • Sustainable commerce

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THE CRAFT BEER SCENE in Northern Colorado is pretty crowded. But Horse & Dragon Brewing stands out from the crowd because of their character.

Carol and Tim Cochran started this business in 2014, based on a long passion for craft beer and a desire to make their home in Fort Collins after living in other states and countries.

And the beer’s pretty good – of course I’ve had to do plenty of research for this story.  But there’s a lot of great brewers in the area.

It’s the culture of this company which makes it special.

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LILLY SORENSEN owns the local franchise of 1-800-GOT-JUNK?  You may have seen their trucks driving around, but don’t know the great company which they represent.

I sure didn’t.

Lilly started her journey back in Ann Arbor, when she was looking for a job and joined up as a driver for the company.  Despite their pleas to keep her on, she ended up moving out here to Colorado to start a new life.

But the universe can be a surprising place.

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BrabsonJASON BRABSON’S HEART ACHES for the injustice he’s seen.

His most recent career has been as a mobility cab driver, and he’s directly seen how cruel transportation can be for the disabled and elderly.  Public options aren’t great in this town, and private companies don’t treat their passengers well at all.

So Jason’s fixing it.

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He started Elevate Chiropractic just a year ago with a unique approach to health. It gives patients the power and ownership to build and maintain a healthy body, supported with Chiropractic attention to the nervous system.

The deeper grounding for this philosophy is based on Dan’s Christian belief that our bodies and our vitality are gifts from God, and that God intends us to live and function well.

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KobysGRETCHEN HOLLAND HAS A DREAM.  And it’s not really about recovering a favorite childhood treat from growing up in Maryland eating snowballs.

It’s really about helping kids with disabilities to have real work over the summer, to do great work and serve customers.

And if you can achieve that while delivering something refreshing on a hot day, how fantastic!

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FRX-Live-Logo-1MUSICIANS STRUGGLE FOR VISIBILITY.  It’s a common issue, even though we have more access to media than in the history of mankind.

But that’s the problem.  There’s SO much talent, and SO many media channels, and everyone is SO over-stimulated with information.

We still have limited attention to give to the things in our lives.

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RyanRYAN WALLACE OPENED A GREAT PUB here in Fort Collins three years ago.  William Oliver’s Publick House has great food, wonderful drinks … It’s a place that you enjoy taking friends.

But there’s a lot more to the story.

I found out that they instituted a no-tipping policy last September, so I was eager to find out why he made the decision and what the results have been.  After all, very few restaurants have the courage to make this magnitude of change.

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RosannROSANN WINN is a small business owner. And a performer. And a teacher. And a mother and wife.

It’s hard to know which of those to put first.

I’ve known Rosann for a number of years – we first connected when she sang for our yearly church picnic.  I was impressed not only with her artistic ability, but also her generous nature and gracious support.

But that’s a tiny part of the picture.

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KentKENT GARVIN STARTED his company in 1995 with a conviction to build a different kind of business.

What he’s grown is amazing in more ways than you’d expect.

At the moment it’s actually three businesses:

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