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NRB logoBANKING MIGHT NOT BE THE FIRST INDUSTRY you think of improving the world.  We’ve become quite jaded with all the banking issues in the last thirty years.

That means there’s room for someone who’s taking a different approach.

New Resource Bank was founded in San Francisco in 2006 with a mission to support businesses and non-profits which improve the world in four key areas:

  • Environmental protection
  • Health & wellness
  • Education & community empowerment
  • Sustainable commerce

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B-CORPS (Benefit Corporations) are a new kind of business structure which is sweeping across the US.  Its official name is now Public Benefit Corporation, which defines a legal structure in which a company can balance profit-making with other important business goals.

We’re particularly lucky in Colorado to be on the leading edge of this opportunity, which might be of great interest to readers of this blog.

I’d like to introduce to you Ariana Friedlander, who has been following these developments.  I asked her to give us some insight into this news, so here goes!

On May 16, 2013 Colorado Governor Hickenlooper signed Public Benefit Corporation Legislation into law making Colorado one of 20 states to pass such a bill. Starting April 1, 2014, companies in Colorado may begin registering as a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC). But what does this mean for business?

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