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I’ve seen a growing number of conversations recently about certain industries which tend to be collaborative. Here in northern Colorado, one of the most popular is the micro-breweries, who tend to be open, sharing, and generous. 

That might seem odd because there’s a high concentration of these businesses here, but it’s still the mindset of how they work. It’s attractive, energetic, and creative.

Others have noticed that our community of startups seems to be MUCH more collaborative here than in, say, the San Francisco Bay Area. When people travel there, they notice that the environment seems much more competitive and protective.

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FRX-Live-Logo-1MUSICIANS STRUGGLE FOR VISIBILITY.  It’s a common issue, even though we have more access to media than in the history of mankind.

But that’s the problem.  There’s SO much talent, and SO many media channels, and everyone is SO over-stimulated with information.

We still have limited attention to give to the things in our lives.

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