He started Elevate Chiropractic just a year ago with a unique approach to health. It gives patients the power and ownership to build and maintain a healthy body, supported with Chiropractic attention to the nervous system.

The deeper grounding for this philosophy is based on Dan’s Christian belief that our bodies and our vitality are gifts from God, and that God intends us to live and function well.

He also believes that God is behind his business, and it’s his duty to build a healthy and sustainable company.

Elevate-logo-for-web_standardWhat’s interesting to me is that his Christian beliefs are present in the business, but not overbearing or exclusionary.  He regularly prays before work.  There’s often Christian music in the background.

But it’s just there, almost like when walls are painted the corporate colors.  It’s their identity.

Dan and his wife Elise started this business in June 2015, so they’re just passing their first year.  Growth has been amazing, and they’ve quickly developed a powerful presence in the community.

Dan EliseOf course that growth comes with its own pains, including the need for a second doctor.  That will finally give Dan the ability to better balance his own family life and maybe even take a vacation.

Many entrepreneurs can relate to this intense focus and all-consuming demands on attention.

But Dan has a larger vision to serve people more broadly, so longer term is looking to expand to more locations.  That’s down the road a bit, of course, but he’s laying the groundwork today in a strong foundation for this business.  It’s about an enduring philosophy, sound business management, solid systems, and engaging great employees.

It’s amazing what can grow from this one small mustard seed!

Elevate Chiropractic is holding their one year anniversary celebration today! On Saturday June 18 2016, bring your whole family to come and join the party. It’s free, fun, and engaging.  I’ll be there!