KentKENT GARVIN STARTED his company in 1995 with a conviction to build a different kind of business.

What he’s grown is amazing in more ways than you’d expect.

At the moment it’s actually three businesses:

Each has its own focus, leadership team, and products and services.  But they’re glued together with a powerful philosophy and culture.

Which is unabashedly Christian.  Check out the Owner’s Statement in his employee manual:

Colorado Metal Manufacturing, LLC is a business owned and operated by a committed Christian seeking to make known the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to minister His life and love to others.  This is accomplished through my business practices, work ethics, and a positive attitude.  I insist on innovation and excellence in all we do, growing out of my deep respect and honor for God, my employees, our customers and vendors.  I expect this company to deliver quality service and product that exceeds the customer’s expectations and customer satisfaction is to be our number one goal.

Quality service is defined as service that is:

  • Prompt and Reliable
  • Courteous and Dependable
  • Skilled and Professional
  • Honest and Fair
  • Conscientious and Safe
  • Moral and Ethical

That’s just about as clear a statement of a moral foundation as I’ve ever seen for a company.

Kent’s known since an early age that he wanted to run a business, and he’s had several.  Over the years, he also became clear that his goal wasn’t about power and market share, but to create a work environment which was respectful, challenging, and spiritually supportive.

recyclingHe explained that, for him, “a quality life begins with a good job.”  In other words, he wants his employees to have a quality life in all respects: family, work, career, and spiritual.

Early on he put together a weekly bible study, now headed up by a local minister.  Not everyone takes advantage of it, but it’s a powerful signal that the business also cares about and supports a deeper level of happiness, even personal mission.

Although he didn’t use the word with me, I got the sense that a critical part of his role is as “shepherd” for his folks.  That’s a much deeper mission than just providing work and paychecks for people.  It’s about helping them to build happy and successful lives.

What’s next for Kent?  It’s really all about continuing to provide an environment which continues to support his people and serve the community.  At a stage where others focus on retirement, he’s still putting all his energies into serving God through his businesses.

Helping his people to create quality lives.