A NEW SOCIAL NETWORK just burst on the scene.

xocial is a system which helps people band together for common causes, projects which will improve the world.

They have a fairly simple process for ambitious people with a purpose:

  • Create a project.
  • Find supporters.
  • Do great projects.
  • Earn points.

In a way, it’s similar to crowdfunding, except it’s not about getting investment money. It’s really about projects which have an impact on the world.

And people get points when they help a project succeed.  Nope, it doesn’t look like you can redeem those points for money or products.  It’s just about having an objective measure of doing good.

So how do they measure that?  There are three dimensions they combine:

  • Time contributed
  • Money contributed (to the project, not to xocial)
  • Impact

It’s called “gamification” when people get points for bragging rights.  This opens up a whole new possibility of individuals and teams competing with each other, magnifying their engagement and impact.

It’s a bit like the yearly “fitness challenge” here in Fort Collins sponsored by BizWest and Banner Health.  Businesses compete just for recognition, and the belief that fitness is a good thing to strive for.

It’s high energy, fun, and engaging.  And it makes a difference.

Let’s watch how xocial develops and whether it starts building the “network effect” that will help this succeed.